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Yachts and Football – of sorts.

Yachts and all things nautical are crucial down here. Brokerages are as common as estate agents and the stock is palatial. I have also come to realise that a man’s boat is comparable to our garden sheds at home. A place to contemplate and potter, just with a watery azure backdrop rather than conifers. From the beach in Cannes, the near horizon is lined with them and the great and good just hop from ship to shore and back again. Whilst down here I am putting together a full programme for guests to experience three classic regattas in September across the South of France. Please do leave a comment if you would like more information.

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On Sunday night it was  down to Cannes for two parties. Axis Stars is a social media platform for the sporting elite fronted by ex-Manchester United player Louis Saha.

Photo Credit Bruno de Marquis
Photo Credit Bruno de Marquis

The sparkling event (thanks to endless champagne) was held at the Carlton Hotel and Robbie Williams sauntered through just before us.

Then it was on to the Limelight Party at Gotha. A top table there will set you back a minimum of 6000 euros with the mandatory confetti shower and fanfare when someone decides its time for bubbles and a table is preferable as the dance floor was a heaving scrum.

Take me back to the boat…and where is Victor with those drinks?