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Introducing Chiave Lifestyle Chronicles

It is with great pleasure that I introduce Chiave Lifestyle Chronicles. An account in words and pictures of some of the things I get to arrange, see and experience.

In the interests of starting with a bang, over the month of May, I will be writing from the Côte d’Azur in the South of France.


Chiave Concierge has partnered with Boutique Village, a collection of beautiful rental properties in the idyllic and very chic village of Valbonne, twenty minutes north of Cannes to provide guests with concierge services throughout their stay.

Boutique Village House No.13
Boutique Village House no.6


Boutique Village and Chiave share the principle that every guest is unique and that experience is everything. With the 68th Cannes Film Festival and the Formula One Grand Prix of Monaco (a firm personal favourite of mine) the French Riviera is the playground for the glitterati.

In a valiant effort to prepare for my trip, I dusted off a competent GSCE level French with the Duolingo language app with romantic images of ordering my pain, croissant and grand creme with a sufficient air of authenticity. But due to it’s proximity to Nice and Sophia Antipolis – the Silicon Valley of France – Valbonne is a centre for stylish international ex-pats sensibly enjoying the excellent international schools in the area and laid back, expensive cotton way of life. It’s almost hard to hear french as one sups in the square.


Having done more than a little shoulder rubbing of late, if theres one thing the glitterati hate, it’s traffic and waiting. Step-up UberCopter – click for video.

We all have a guilty penchant for the highly convenient taxi app and they just made it even easier to hop from hot spot to hot spot. Throughout the Cannes Film Festival a seven minute flight will set you back €160 (£115) and for those who can, it’s practically a bargain. Choppers away…


Natalie Macaluso